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ABS CORPORATION is one of the India’s largest panel lock, cam lock and hinges manufacturer. We specialize in the design and manufacturer of wide range of locking systems for industrial ,commercial and residential sectors of the market along side the production of our traditional panel locks, cam lock, hinges,auto lock.

Our range of quality locks include.
Panel lock, Cam Lock, Canopy Lock, 3 Point Lock, Hinges, Diesel Pipe Cap Lock.

In today’s intensively competitive market place aesthetics and ergonomics combine with functionality to drive the ultimate purchasing decision. The smallest details like panel lock, hinges, cam lock, handle play a part in the initial user reaction that can not be overlooked or underestimated. The way they perform, look and feel can influence your customers. long perception of your company and its products.

ABS CORPORATION distinctive human touch points and solutions and important component of your products that people intract with everyday. All over the world panel lock, hinges, cam lock, latches, handle, 3 point locks all are touch points that help enhance the end users perceptions of your products. They ensure the positive first impressions while never overlooking the importance of optimum safety security and secure operations.

As we continue to develop innovative products ABS CORPORATION maintains a strong conviction to build a better more sustainable future out commitment and progress towards freen manufacturing is greater then ever. As we strive to continually refine our process, filter our waste and ensure full compliance with envoirnment standards.

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY AND SPECIALIZE IN. We would be soon launcing new age locks, which would be crucial for securty and safeguarding valuables. ABS COROPRATION is passionate about driving and creating added value for our customers with state of art and technology solution, that would seamlessly integrate into your application requirnment and we specialize in.

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Panel Locks
Panel Locks
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Point Locks
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