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4 Digit Combinaion Locks at ABS Corporation

Introducing the 4-Digit Combination Lock for Your Lockers!
Are you tired of fumbling with keys or worrying about losing them? Say goodbye to the hassle with our 4-digit combination lock designed specifically for Bank lockers, gym lockers, cricket stadium lockers, staff lockers, Gail locks, whether you’re a student, gym-goer, or office worker, our lock provides a convenient and secure solution for keeping your belongings safe.

Our Product quality

4-digit Combination Locks

Technology and Innovation are the driving force at ABS Corporation. Our diverse product portfolio includes Panal locks, Cam locks, Hinges, Handles, 3 Point locks etc. In addition to this, we are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of locks from India.

Exclusivity & Modernity are the hallmarks of our locks. With continuous research work, innovative ideas and technical know-how, we have created credibility and nationwide customers. Our talent pool encompasses highly qualified and deft engineers who give us competitive edge in the market.

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