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Hinges at ABS Corporation

AT ABS Corporation, we’re passionate about locks, security, and its accessories. Here, we are offering strong and sturgy hinges. From Stainless Steel Hinges, to mild-steel and polyamide hinges, our products ooze contemporary style, clean lines, and quality. We’re confident you’ll find the right hignes for your requirement from our catalogue. As far as steel is concerned we use GRADE.202, 204, 304, 316. When you're buying hinges, there are many options in the market and we offer the best and the latest in fad. With a lot of design choices, you’d be spoiled for choices at ABS Corporation.

Our Product quality

Panel Locks

Technology and Innovation are the driving force at ABS Corporation. Our diverse product portfolio includes Panal locks, Cam locks, Hinges, Handles, 3 Point locks etc. In addition to this, we are the largest manufacturers and suppliers of locks from India.

Exclusivity & Modernity are the hallmarks of our locks. With continuous research work, innovative ideas and technical know-how, we have created credibility and nationwide customers. Our talent pool encompasses highly qualified and deft engineers who give us competitive edge in the market.

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